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Vanadinite on Manganese Oxides : Taouz, Morocco

Vanadinite on Manganese Oxides : Taouz, Morocco


Vanadinite on Manganese Oxides

Taouz Caïdat,

Er-Rissani Cercle,

Errachidia Province,

Drâa-Tafilalet Region,



 Miniature : 50 x 59 x 48mm                               160gms


A sensational and quite dramatic looking mineral combo.

Bright blood red hexagonal crystals of Vanadinite ofvarying sizes up to 4mm are beautifully sprinkled across the velvety deep black stalagtitic background of Manganese Oxides. 


Deacsessioned from my collection, this boxed specimen was one of the first samples to come onto the market in the early 2000's.

The Manganese Oxides were believed to be Hollandite on these first specimens, combined possably with Goethite., (ive seen it labelled elsewhere as limonite; psilomene; goethite...) Without further analysis though its impossible to say for certain which of these oxides it truly is.


The specimen is glued into a perspex display box.

I was fortunate to visit this locality and collect my own Vanadinites in the hot Sahara Desert and would love to return one day.

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