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The Greenlaws Mine is a Victorian Lead mine near St Johns Chapel, Daddry Shield in Weardale in the county of Durham in Northern England. It was once one of the largest and deepest Mines in this world renowned mining area, now famed for its sought after Fluorite and other mineral specimens.

The Greenlaws Mine closed in 1897 when it became too uneconomical to continue mining the Lead

The entrances, tunnels and shafts collapsed over time and the mine buidings fell into ruin or were washed away by floods.

There have been several attempts over the years to gain access to the mine, some with varying success.

In recent years the Greenlaws Mining Project team, made up entirely of enthusiastic amateurs, and with the permission of the landowners, have spent considerable time, resources and effort digging out the main shaft to about 260 feet deep and gaining access to the fabled 'flatts' and recording incredible historic artefacts aswell as mapping, exploring and learning about the geology, geochemistry and mineralogy of the mine, encouraged by several large museums and Universities.

The mine is NOT a commercial mining operation. It is a NOT FOR PROFIT exploration and research venture.

Specimens available have been collected at various times over the years by individuals and/ or visitors.

I am fortunate to have access to the better quality material and an impressive collection in need of 'thinning out'.


more information on the history / artefacts etc see my blog article

Available specimens from the classic locality and historic lead mine

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