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Fluorite recrystalised - Greenlaws mine, Weardale, Co., Durham

Fluorite recrystalised - Greenlaws mine, Weardale, Co., Durham

SKU: GL505

58 x 34 x 28mm

A recrystalised fluorite specimen or 'FUNKY' as the mining crew call them ( after their funky or strange and unusual crystal growths).

This particular funky is from the lesser-known area of the Crib Room Pocket.

Very few specimens were recovered from the pocket and only a handful of these recrystallized bits are known to exist.

Most specimens from the Crib Room Pocket are distinguishable by the iron-stained underside and often a small etched cavity where it may have once been attached to something.

The original crystal corner on which the recrystallization seeded itself is clearly seen as a darker, more translucent crystal with the majority of the specimen showing opaque to waxy lustre as is typical for these funkies, and with a pale pinkish lilac to yellowish pastel tone which changes as you move it.

The recrystallized areas show elongation of the cubes and often reticulated crystals some with curved faces.

Also of note are the secondary micro fluorite crystals growing on the main Crystal face, clearly seen when the light is side on to the specimen.

Images were taken in natural daylight.

An absolutely splendid example of these extraordinary recrystallised fluorites.

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