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Fluorite & Calcite: Cave in Rock, Illinois

Fluorite & Calcite: Cave in Rock, Illinois


Minerva #1 mine, Cave-in-Rock,

Hardin County, Illinois, USA


85 x 64 x 48mm                  small cab.

ex. Colleen Thomson Collection

ex. Peter Seroka Collection


This is a really super fluorite example from this classic American locality. The fluorite crystals are a deep purple colour with rich  yellow undertones that are fabulous when backlit.


The scalenohedral calcite  crystals are a lovely adornment and accent the piece very well.

Lots of interesting growth patterns and plenty to keep you enthralled for hours.


I added this to my collection soon after Peter Seroka , who had a superb fluorite sub collection, dispersed it before he moved from Germany to the US.

There are breaks to the back and underside consistant with removal from host matrix.