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Apophyllite, Thomsonite - Isle of Skye, Scotland

Apophyllite, Thomsonite - Isle of Skye, Scotland

SKU: TM16N02

Apophyllite, Thomsonite and Stilbite

Moonen Bay, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

43 x 52 x 22mm


Collected in 2013 from the high cliffs and basalt boulders of this enigmatic Scottish island, well known by British collectors for its zeolites and less well known miorolitic cavities in Granite.


This specimen has an uncommon pale watery green prismatic gem of an Apophyllite crystal to 12mm high sitting proud of a bed of pale creamy green acicular matted crystals of Thomsonite over Stilbite ( and probable further Apophyllite) crystals in an open Basalt cavity.

This was an exceptional find and not many specimens of Apophyllite are collected here, particularly of such size or quality.

A pretty miniature.






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